A proper database solution

April 6, 2011, 2:02 pm

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A database driven website needs to have a well structured database – the one I am building has many tables, each connecting to each other in a different way.

Figuring out the schema this week was a challenge. Where should I set up the foreign keys? What are the columns? What table naming conventions would be simplest for my team mates to understand?

The worst part about this is if the database structure is done poorly, you will only notice the flaws once you start building the website – and by that time redeveloping the schema would be extremely time consuming.

I decided to not only draw out the schema, but I also built the database and test-drove it to see how everything will function. I created a small mock website and realized that not only did everything work, but the structure will probably simplify the development of the site. Everything connected perfectly – the foreign keys were properly connecting the tables and the multiple columns were detailed enough to be very modifiable.

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